Eutaptics Provides Resolution to PTSD Not Conflict

Eutaptics unlike other healing modality that focuses on memory reimprinting does not subscribe to the existence of another dimension or energies that are causing PTSD and its accompanying symptoms. It is based on down-to-earth logic that is easy to understand. … Read More


The Benefits of Eutaptics in Overcoming PTSD

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or most commonly known as PTSD is one of the disorders that Eutaptics works best on. A person dealing with PTSD have extreme “fight or flight” response and the techniques Eutaptics offers do not just deal with the … Read More

Ten Wonderful Lives Changed by Eutaptics

When Robert Smith first started searching for ways to help his wife and himself, he had no way of foreseeing the lives changed by Eutaptics since. Countless people – most of whom have never even met him – have completely … Read More

How Faster EFT can Help intergenerational trauma

How Eutaptics Can Stop Intergenerational Trauma

Is it possible to inherit the effects of trauma? Are you experiencing the effect of trauma and stress from your ancestors? Could your children genetically inherit the effects of your stress? Intergenerational trauma, or transgenerational transmission of trauma (TTT) is not a … Read More