Reframing PTSD Through Memory Reimprinting

memory reimprinting

A brief moment of trauma can last forever in the mind. Some people’s coping mechanisms work faster in releasing a traumatic event, some gets stuck and feel helpless. So many things are circulating about ways of coping and overcoming PTSD.

Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting delivered results in reframing PTSD within the mind where some others only operated in theories and hunches.


Through the techniques applied in Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting, a person suffering from PTSD can be free faster without feeling re-traumatized.

The Nightmares of Living with PTSD

People suffering from PTSD live a life of suffering from compounded misery and fear. It appears that they will never see life again without referencing every single event to the traumatic event. Sometimes they know they are overreacting, more often they don’t, their bodies are just simply on high-alert and seems like have adapted to this mode by default.

Every hour can be painful experience. The very negative thought patterns, memories, feelings and flashbacks may appear to a person suffering PTSD like it is never ending.

Not in a way other people relives the memories but more like as bad as it is happening again. The traumatic experience somehow replaces their perception of reality.

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PTSD is a Silent Killer

Most people suffering in PTSD do not seek treatment because of feeling ashamed. Trying to muscle through the triggers and living a life in isolation is somehow a very noticeable pattern. It has to be addressed, otherwise PTSD can cause a person to “lose it” and do harmful things to self or develop self-destructive behavior.

However, it is also very noticeable that in most cases, even if sufferers do not result in self-destructive behaviors, just the chemical changes in the body as they continue living in a highly stressed state poses great risks in the health of a sufferer. Imagine living all day in high levels of stress hormones flooding your bloodstream.

Various medical research found trauma to have very negative impact on health. Two recent studies found that traumas caused by childhood abuse and neglect were related to an increase in physician diagnosed disorders such as ischemic heart disease, cancer and chronic lung illnesses. Read more about the relation of psychological trauma to physical heath here.

Because of the health problems caused by PTSD, Robert G. Smith created Eutaptics to focus more on delivering results quicker than other mental healing modalities. Activating mental healing to help reframe PTSD through memory reimprinting is a highly effective applied tool in psychotherapy to help PTSD sufferers of all ages.

Robert G. Smith on Working with High Trauma

It is important that people who are suffering from Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder be helped delicately. Other mental healing systems have techniques that can often lead to retraumatizing the patients. In Eutaptics memory reimprinting, there will be slight discomforts as the person hold the memory of the trauma in the mind. Nonetheless, re-living the event is not among the techniques applied to avoid magnifying the mental trauma.

Each negative thought interlinked to the trauma is flipped or reimprinted with a new memory. Memory reimprinting can collapse the structure of mental patterns causing PTSD by discharging emotions out of the memories. As the emotions gets discharged through memory reimprinting simultaneously it can allow the mind and body to recover faster from the traumatic event.

14102603_10154030139513090_865256359572041866_nNeed Help Reimprinting a Very Bad Memory?

If you notice that you have a memory or even a collection of memories that needs to be addressed. You can book a telephone or video call session with Robert G. Smith. Wherever you are, help is within reach.

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