Letting Go of PTSD is Made Easy by Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting

Letting Go of PTSD is Made Easy by Memory Reimprinting

In application of Eutaptics for people suffering from moderate to severe PTSD, Robert Smith deals with the problem delicately. Even with stunning results over the years freeing thousands of people, every Eutaptics Practitioner takes caution depending on the person’s trauma.

Although it may seem that there is a unified approach in addressing issues, each person has a different perception of the problem. This is an extremely important thing to note in addressing Traumatic Stress Responses for people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorders.

Letting Go of PTSD is Made Easy by Memory Reimprinting

Coping With PTSD

Coping with PTSD varies from one person to the other, because each person is equipped with a unique coping mechanism. No two people in this planet is similar, especially in terms of how we process and structure thoughts.

That is why it is essential to note that in order to properly heal PTSD, any mental healing process you subscribe to must have a solid belief system that understands the real cause of our problems. Without a belief system that operates within physical tangible mechanics it will be hard to help anyone cope, might even worsen the situation and put the person in danger of total mental and emotional breakdown.

Coping is a skill; some people have a coping mechanism that works quickly while others need help. The reason for this is because some people have a different way of storing and interpreting data coming from their unconscious. First you have to accept the fact that all your memories are stored, whether negative, positive or neutral. As humans, this is how we function by default, this is the key to survival of our species.

These memories within the giant data storage in our unconscious is our reference of how the world works. This is how we validate what is harmful, safe and neutral. However, in terms of experiencing extreme psychological trauma, the programming gets confused after the experience and the mind-brain connections falter as the memories keep on being active in the mind. The activity then causes the body to be on high alert, the person unable to keep focus and other aspects of life begin to wane.

Coping becomes difficult when the mind begins to misalign to normal day-to-day functions. But the biggest most important thing to note is that while the body is on high alert due to PTSD, serious health risks are present. The body begins to deteriorate due to high levels of stress hormones flooding the blood stream, it does not only lead to abnormal blood circulation but ultimately leads to abnormal mental functions causing a great gap between the mind, body and spirit.

Escaping PTSD

There is no escape, there is only resolution. Most people suffering from PTSD may turn to substance abuse, regardless of what substance it is, it doesn’t matter, may it be illegal drugs, alcohol or simply turn to comfort eating overconsuming unhealthy food. For the suffering individual, they find a temporary escape, they feel numb for a while and the mind seems to rest. But Traumatic Stress Responses are treacherous, they often resurface even stronger, so trying to escape will only make the situation more difficult.

For some who may not fall into in drug addiction, alcohol addiction or food addiction, they might end up with new found habits that they might consider healthy and okay. This can be addiction to sex and pornography or being drawn to an unhealthy lifestyles and relationships. While it may seem okay in the eyes of other people since they are less invasive, they truly are not.

It is also just another form of coping by trying to escape, in the end it leads the person to continuously lose empowerment and when the traumatic stress responses resurface, they will find themselves deeper in an unpleasant situation.

PTSD needs to be stopped, its foundation and structure has to be collapsed within the mind, if not it will just become a bigger monster taking ownership of your life. The next section will discuss how you can start ending PTSD using Eutaptics.

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Coping with PTSD by Memory Reimprinting

Memory reimprinting will allow a person to not only accept the past but be able to replace the memories with something that comes from a happier feeling place. Since the past is over and what keeps a person unable to move forward happily in life is the only the active memory; the only way to really cope is to make these memories inactive by reimprinting.

The reason behind the high success rate of using reimprinting to address PTSD lies in the fact that we have full control of our mind, our past has no bearing to our future and by applying Eutaptics Memory Reimprinting, a new path to mental healing will take place.

Taking Control of Your Trances Using Memory Reimprinting

It is a fact that we are in and out of multiple trances in a day. Trances are those moments when you are highly focused on a situation without needing the conscious mind to actively participate. You enter in a trance multiple times in a day.

For example, when driving to the mall, your mind has immediately mapped the route within the mind, you do not need to actively “will” your conscious mind for direction, it seems that you are on autopilot. Unless you are unfamiliar of a place unknown to your mind or there is a big distraction on the road, you will just arrive at the mall without consciously remembering every inch of the way. That is because for the most part of the driving, you were in trance.

This is very similar to PTSD cases, the mind automatically, sometimes with subtle warning, replays the memories in your sleep or in the middle of an activity, or when a thought triggers another thought referencing from a traumatic experience. When a memory of trauma is triggered, a person may react in different ways, the symptoms of traumatic stress responses are numerous and with varying intensity. That is why healing systems focused on addressing PTSD symptoms may not give lasting results.

Unlike Eutaptics Memory Remprinting, it can collapse the whole structure of PTSD from the giant storage of memories in the unconscious. Moreover, it also automatically collapses the negative thought patterns and unpleasant behavior and reactions. Because of Eutaptics’ efficiency in addressing the issue, the possibility of stress responses to resurface is very minimal within a very short period of time if not, totally eradicated.

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  • November 13, 2016