Faster EFT on Overcoming PTSD by Building Psychological Flexibility

Faster EFT on Overcoming PTSD by Building Psychological Flexibility

Eutaptics remains to be indisputable in terms of addressing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or Traumatic Stress Responses in general. It is the only healing system that focus on building psychological flexibility over just addressing symptoms and traumatic memories.

There is great advantage when we address memories of trauma, but addressing and collapsing the structure of trauma within the mind does not quantify the entire healing process. The main goal of Eutaptics memory reimprinting when dealing with high trauma is to build psychological flexibility so that the person suffering from Traumatic Stress Responses will retain the new imprints and lasting healing.

Faster EFT on Overcoming PTSD by Building Psychological Flexibility

What is Psychological Flexibility?

Psychological flexibility is properly defined as a wide range of abilities to do the following:

  1. Recognize and adapt to various situational demands.
  2. Shift mindsets when strategies compromise personal and social functioning
  3. Maintaining balance among important life domains
  4. Be aware, open and committed to behaviors that are congruent with deeply held values

In other words, psychological flexibility is the basis of stability in life. Eutaptics is the only mental healing process that gives so much attention to psychological flexibility. Robert G. Smith believes that we function in perfect alignment to what we hold as real, valid and true within our subconscious mind.

Within that statement also relies the fact that often the memories and thoughts we hold as valid and true within the mind does not really contribute to being psychologically flexible.

Pyschological Flexibility for People Suffering from PTSD

For people suffering from PTSD, they are often challenged to identify what is real and what isn’t. This is because that mind operates within active memories of the trauma. The trauma is recorded within the mind not only as a single file but multiple copies of it are redundantly copied and stored within the cortex.

This creates a network of thoughts and patterns interlinked to each other. Each time a person suffering from PTSD encounters anything that reminds of the trauma, these memories are fired up in the cortex and place the person on high alert.

Often, even unconsciously, a person suffering from PTSD may be replaying memories at the back of their minds without consciously knowing it. The mental patterns created by these memories can cause impairment in psychological flexibility.

It is very hard for a PTSD sufferer to adapt to the demands of many situations, even just simple house chores or interactions with family members. The trauma may cause them to always question reality since they are using negative experiences as basis of their reaction.

Since they are on high alert caused by the memories within their subconscious, and the subconscious has no logic or reason, they are unable to shift mindsets. Anger, rage or depression may be among their reactions when their personal belief is compromised.

Remember, the function of the memories is to create a belief system within the head, and our reactions are products of these resources founding the belief.

It is very hard for a person suffering from PTSD to maintain focus on their work, even hobbies are often compromised as the person’s mind keeps on clinging to the memories of trauma. Moreover, a person suffering from Traumatic Stress Responses may even be unable to keep a relationship. Work-life balance is at stake most of the time.

Faster EFT on Re-building Psychological Flexibility for People with PTSD

It is important that the main issues are addressed and memories that are stored deep within the mind are reimprinted. PTSD works from imprint to imprint, meaning the symptoms are only reactions of the mind and the body once an imprint is fired up in our brain, in the cortex and hippocampus to be exact.

With the conscious mind being obedient to the unconscious, it signals the body to also follow. Hence, the person continues to suffer from a traumatic event and perceive everything in his or her surroundings as a threat.

What Faster EFT does is locate the primary imprint, which is the most emotionally charged imprint of a memory. The primary imprint does not always have to the initial trauma, but a memory of the trauma with highest intensity of emotions.

This is what Eutaptics works on, and from there a person can release the emotions charging the memories. The release of the emotional charge of the memory will cause an eventual collapse of the interlinked thoughts and new memories or thoughts are encoded within the mental patterns to allow the person to feel liberated from the trauma.

This way a person can gain psychological flexibility and overcome PTSD. Addressing the issue multiple times without introducing new and positive mental patterns will only cause the person to feel re-traumatized. The real solution is to build a network that can allow the person to function well to carry on a normal happy life and be able to sustain it.

14102603_10154030139513090_865256359572041866_nNeed Help Reimprinting a Very Bad Memory?

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