Eutaptics Self-Help Tips on Healing the Nervous System in PTSD Cases

Eutaptics Self-Help Tips on Healing the Nervous System in PTSD Cases. When a person’s sense of safety has been compromised by a traumatic experience, the nervous system might take a while to resolve to normal functions. However, in cases of PTSD this system interrupt can take longer even after years, the symptoms can be incapacitating.

The person’s coping mechanism should lift the memories of trauma over time. In cases of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, the symptoms seem to become intertwined with daily functions. In other words, the person may experience high-alert as the body never recover from the emergency state, even with no actual danger.

Depending on the severity of the trauma, a person may feel that there is no way out of PTSD. Even drug medications can only provide temporary relief to alleviate the symptoms. Psychotherapists found that Eutaptics is an innovative tool that can be applied by anyone suffering from PTSD, although severe cases might require a practitioner to help reimprint memories for a well-guided recovery.


There is always hope, Eutaptics by Robert Smith is definitely a highly effective tool to help a person reimprint memories of a traumatic event. Because of memory reimprinting the nervous system can be realigned to normal functions while totally eradicating Traumatic Stress Responses within the interlinked network of thoughts within the mind.

Think of the brain as a computer’s Central Processing Unit and the mind as the hard drive where all data and memories are stored. PTSD can be linked similarly to a computer virus, the affect the whole operation of the CPU causing unwanted behavior within programs.

Without clearing the hard drive with an anti-virus, it is impossible to get the computer to function normally. Eutaptics is like this very efficient anti-virus that can hack through the mind to restore normal functions between the programs.

The following are Eutaptics actionable tips if you haven’t yet consulted a practitioner to help with your PTSD. Please note though that these tips are not the entirety of Eutaptics processes, these are simple ways in which you can help yourself bounce back. It is still best to stick with your current psychotherapy plan or consult a Eutaptics advanced practitioner who are experts in dealing with high trauma.

Tip 1. Eutaptics Tapping to Regulate the Nervous System

Eutaptics is a thinking system that will enable you understand how you can truly influence your health and your body. The mind is the powerhouse where all body systems is plugged in. It has boundless ability to influence the body to heal through any illness.

Eutaptics Tapping on various meridian points will allow you to focus away from the problem. Allowing other thoughts to take over and calm the mind as you go through the process. When overwhelming emotions strike you and the memories of trauma revisits, tap it away.

Please be guided by the following infographic:


Tip 2. Get Moving to De-Fractionate

Tapping as mentioned above is an effective way of de-fractionation. De-fractionation is the opposite of fractionation, a very effective process in hypnosis which is a process of alternating going to light trance and coming out of it briefly. The process makes the subject go deeper as they go in and out of trance. In other words, de-fractionation allows a person suffering from PTSD to get out of the subject lighter each time they go into the subject of the trauma.

Robert G. Smith says, “De-fractionation is a pattern-interrupt with a desired outcome in mind.”

Learn more about de-fractionation and how to de-fractionate in this article in

Tip 3. Seek a Companion

If you are stuck in the moment and feels like your mind cannot focus, seeking connection with other people may be the best thing to do. A relative or another person who can take you for a walk to temporarily release the memories of trauma can help.

If you continue to isolate yourself within your room or house, you might encourage formation of other mental patterns that might harm you. It is best you try the effort of being accompanied even if it is sometimes difficult to have someone relate.

If you really need help, seek a professional or you can even seek for a personal coaching with any Faster EFT Practitioner. Even the creator of Eutaptics himself is available for online or telephone sessions.

14102603_10154030139513090_865256359572041866_nEutaptics PTSD-Specific Sessions with Robert Smith

Robert is a known expert stressbuster among the international community of healers. Allow the same man who has helped thousands of people light your way out of the dark episode in your life living with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The most amazing thing with Robert’s sessions is that he has a way to clear your mind without having to re-traumatize you as memories of the event are tackled. His PTSD-Specific sessions may be done 1-on-1 or through the phone and internet. Help does not have to be complicated, allow natural healing by Robert Smith become a part of your life today.

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Tip 4. Take Action

If you are experiencing mild to moderate symptoms of PTSD even if you think that they are coming from memories way back when you were a child or early adult life. Do not take it for granted. PTSD is a silent killer, not only because of the psychological damage that it can bring you but the unnecessary stress responses that you experience because of it puts your health at risk.

Educate yourself with Traumatic Stress Responses and other factors that you are beginning to notice that might rooted from a traumatic event. The mind is an interlinked web of both positive and negative thoughts. To gain total control over your health, you need to ensure that those linked in memories to negative experiences don’t take over your life.

While stress responses are normal in times of real danger, it can harm you so much if you don’t allow the body to recover and continue even without actual danger.

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  • November 30, 2016