Eutaptics for PTSD: A Practical Way to Overcome Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD is a mental issue developed by people after experiencing or witnessing life-threatening events. For example, being exposed in combat, a catastrophic natural disaster, sexual assault or vehicular accidents.

The “normal” coping period for most people is to psychologically recuperate after a few weeks or months after the trauma. It is normal to feel hyperaware, to have problems in sleeping and cope with normal day-to-day activities.

However, in PTSD cases, it can be more than a few months and the person is still experiencing the symptoms of highly stressed mental and physical state. Some people may experience PTSD symptoms long after the event, may not be able to recognize where unusual mental and physical reactions are coming from. In other cases, the symptoms may come and go, with varying intensities.

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Overview of PTSD Symptoms

The onset of PTSD symptoms are usually soon after the traumatic event. What makes addressing PTSD a bit challenging is because each person will have varying degrees in exhibiting the symptoms.

Moreover, each person is individually equipped with a unique coping mechanism. The reason for this unique coping mechanism is explained later.

If the symptoms of intense Traumatic Stress Responses cause great distress and begins to interfere with your normal daily routine. You might have PTSD.

Diagnosis of PTSD has to be done with a licensed mental health professional, this is a serious mental disorder and not something that can be resolved by just self-diagnosis. Please be advised that the techniques expressed in this website are not to be confused and mistaken over a licensed mental health professional. You may apply the Eutaptics techniques after an inquiry from your therapist or if you are exhibiting mild to moderate traumatic stress responses.

As mentioned earlier, symptoms of PTSD may vary in terms of intensity from one person to another. There are wide range of triggers that may cause a person to react or overreact.

The following are the common four symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder:

1. Re-experiencing symptoms or reliving the event

This is when a person keeps on replaying the bad memories in their head like a looped short movie, sometimes the memories are replayed in nightmares. The person may even feel like as if they are within the same exact event again. Flashback is another term used to call this symptom.

2. Having More negative beliefs and feelings

The formation of negative beliefs within the mind of someone who is suffering from PTSD is widely varied. Often it starts with being disinterested in things they use to enjoy. Sometimes they may have very strong feelings of guilt and shame.

Other times, they switch to thinking that the entire world is a dangerous place and unable to trust even those people they are closely related to. It causes the person to feel “emotionally numb” or find it very difficult to be happy.

3.Avoiding situations that may trigger memories of the event

This is among the most common coping mechanism used by people suffering from the PTSD. It seems automatic for the mind to avoid any reminder of what may trigger the memories of a traumatic event.

Nonetheless, because the part of the mind storing this memories (subconscious) has no logic and reason, it may cause impairment in judgement.

Avoidance can have a snowball effect, it can be avoiding 1 situation and the next thing you know, the person is also avoiding other situations that may not really be directly associated with the memory anymore. If this pattern continues, the person may end up avoiding reality and unable to go back to normally live their lives.

4. Hyperarousal

Hyperarousal exhibited by a person suffering from PTSD include: sleep disturbances, unable to concentrate, easily startled, irritability to the most common things, panic attacks, hyper-alertness. Hyperarousal can expose the body to many health risks because it sends torrents of stress hormones all over the body almost non-stop, the amount of stress hormones can soon increase the chance of the body to weaken and deteriorate.

In other cases, hyperarousal causes some people to turn to substance abuse just to “numb” the mind. Learn how Eutaptics ends Traumatic Stress Responses and PTSD.


Fixing the Traumatic Interruption Using Eutaptics

Since PTSD is a function interrupt in the normal mental process, the view of a person who suffers from it may be distanced from reality. The memories of the event can cause the person to forget things that truly matters to them and new behavioral patterns are formed causing the gap between what their minds perceive as real and their current environmental reality to be wider.

With the unconscious mind as the vessel of all our experiences, people suffering from PTSD process these experiences and build a strong solid structure of thoughts and ideas that may be interlinked with other experiences that also caused them slight to moderate mental trauma.

Every thought, idea or memory they charged with negative emotions may serve as a trigger to overreact or negatively react to things.

The mind works this way by default, without help, some people suffering from PTSD may lead to create a “sea” of ideas within their heads and larger network of negative thoughts to cause unpleasant negative responses to almost anything.

From slight to moderate traumatic responses to severe traumatic stress responses that may cause the person to mentally and emotionally deteriorate, of course, the cycle continues and put physical health in great danger.

The Faster EFT belief system is powered by processes that are proven to work in collapsing this network of negative thoughts that are withdrawn within the subconscious mind. Every traumatic experience becomes a reference used by the mind as a proof of reality.

In cases of PTSD, supercharged negative emotions acts as the foundation for their beliefs of how the world operates. Causing them to have a strong belief in hopelessness, helplessness, sudden surges of anger and great depression.

Moreover, because of many physiological disturbances caused by the accompanying symptoms of PTSD, a sufferer may experience chronic pains, weight issues either from lack of appetite or extreme attachment to food due to “stress-eating.”

This makes Eutaptics a practical way to overcome PTSD, as it deals with the root cause of the problem by reimprinting the traumatic experiences within the subconscious mind. Faster EFT reimprinting can help the person to totally collapse the structure contributing to triggers and all other accompanying symptoms without having to deal with them one by one. The process of meridian tapping in Eutaptics allows the person to address the trances we inhibit coming from the experience experience in varying depths. Allowing its release and realignment of thoughts away from Traumatic Stress Responses.

The best thing about Eutaptics process is that it can work without having to re-traumatized the individual unlike in other mental healing systems.

As each negative thought interlinked to the trauma is flipped or reimprinted, the emotions charging the supporting thoughts within the expansive network of mental patterns created by the mind is discharged and released. The discharge of the emotions can happen simultaneously in just a short period of time, allowing the mind, body and spirit to recover faster without any support from prescription medicines.

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  • November 15, 2016