Successful PTSD Resolution Through Eutaptics

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a silent killer whether the cause of PTSD is due to any form of abuse, military service or through experiencing catastrophic events. It seems like those who suffer will never get permanent resolution and although … Read More

Letting Go of PTSD is Made Easy by Memory Reimprinting

In application of Eutaptics for people suffering from moderate to severe PTSD, Robert Smith deals with the problem delicately. Even with stunning results over the years freeing thousands of people, every Eutaptics Practitioner takes caution depending on the person’s trauma. … Read More

Eutaptics Solves PTSD After Sudden Bereavement

Sudden death or loss of a loved one is a traumatic experience. Grief due to loss affects everyone differently. It can result to a psychological trauma whether or not the person was present at the time of the person’s death. … Read More

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Reframing PTSD Through Memory Reimprinting

A brief moment of trauma can last forever in the mind. Some people’s coping mechanisms work faster in releasing a traumatic event, some gets stuck and feel helpless. So many things are circulating about ways of coping and overcoming PTSD. … Read More